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Earrings are the perfect finishing touch to your face. With the right earrings, you hardly need any make-up. In fact, a simple outfit in combination with the beautiful handmade earrings is enough to make an overwhelming impression. Why handmade earrings? These are striking and sophisticated at the same time. At least, those of Miccy's Jewelz are. These are not just earrings, but real fashion statements.

Handmade earrings of excellent quality

You know those handmade earrings that stain your skin or break after wearing it five times? You don't have to worry about that at Miccy's Jewelz. Miccy's Jewelz makes handmade earrings of excellent quality. The earrings are always finished with 925 silver as a base and a layer of 18 carat yellow gold on top. Furthermore, we use high-quality patchwork, clear crystals, real buffalo horn and high-quality resins. A material that is not used in our handmade earrings is nickel. Other allergens that can cause allergic reactions are also not found in our handmade earrings.

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Handmade earrings in all shapes and colors

The nice thing about handmade earrings is that you can really go in all directions with them. There is always a perfect earring for every situation and every outfit. Miccy's has handmade earrings in all shapes and colors, always incorporated into a daring design. You will find new trends as well as classic shapes, incorporated into a surprising design. Which look will you choose today? A colorful, yet chic one? Check the Louis XIV Blue. A cheerful and spontaneous one? Starstruck! Or a more subdued, elegant one? Then choose one from the Petite line, such as the Lilac Caviar.

Where the inspiration for our handmade earrings comes from

As you can see, there are a lot of different handmade earrings, each with its own look and story. The inspiration for this really comes from everywhere. In everyday life, we come across all kinds of things that inspire us to choose certain shapes, colors or materials. Sometimes we get the inspiration for our handmade earrings from abroad. From Córdoba, Spain, for example. The arches of the local Mezquita mosque form the basis of our Mezquita Blue Dream earrings. Nature and animals are also important sources of inspiration for Miccy's Jewelz. For example, look at the Azizi Tortoise earrings, based on the Azizi tortoise.

Handmade earrings, a super nice gift!

You can enjoy all that beauty yourself – and you should definitely do it to the fullest! – but of course you can also do others a big favor with it. Your mother, your sister or your girlfriend, for example. Surprise her with beautiful handmade earrings that really suit her. Miccy's Jewelz provides a beautiful gift wrapping and a personal message.

This way your handmade earrings will last even longer

Of course you want your handmade earrings to last as long as possible. Some jewellery can lose its shine after some time, for example due to high humidity or the sulphur content in your skin. Fortunately, Miccy's earrings are of such high quality that you can enjoy them for years. And do you still suffer from oxidation or dirt? Then you leave them with Coat & Shine shine again quickly. Apply a drop of Coat & Shine on with the included cloth and you'll be good to go for years to come.

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