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Does my Miccy's jewelry have warranty?

The Miccy's Online Store replaces manufacturing defects free of charge, up to 2 years after the original date of purchase. Keep your order confirmation/invoice and certificate of authenticity with unique number, or pass it on to the person receiving the gift, as the original proof of purchase is the guarantee certificate. If you don't have a receipt, a credit card or bank statement is also sufficient. This does not affect your legal rights. For more information, please refer to Miccy's Online Store Terms and Conditions.

Can my Miccy's jewelry be repaired?

If your Miccy's jewelry breaks down within the warranty period, Miccy's workshop will do everything in its power to repair or replace the item. If the item has broken down due to your own actions or breaks outside the warranty period, we can often also repair the item. There are costs associated with this. Please contact our atelier by e-mail, atelier@miccys.com about a repair.

My jewelry has broken and I don't have a receipt, what should I do?

Bring your jewelry to the Miccy's Boutique in Westfield-The Mall Of The Netherlands or send the jewelry to our atelier. The goldsmith in our atelier will assess the damage and if it can be repaired and what the costs will be. You can pick up the jewelry at the Boutique or we can send it back to you. We will inform you upfront about the repairing costs and the shipping costs.

What can I do if I lose my Miccy's jewelry or if it is stolen?

The warranty does not entitle you to a replacement or refund for lost or stolen items. We recommend using the included silicone safety backs on your earrings and it is advisable to insure your valuable jewelry. General wear and tear, abuse and tarnish are not covered by the warranty. This does not affect your legal rights.

My jewelry broke out of warranty, what can I do?

Bring your jewelry to the Miccy's Boutique. They will assess the damage and if it can be repaired, they will send your jewelry to our atelier for the costs for repair. The jewelry can also be sent to our atelier.
Please contact the atelier in advance about this on atelier@miccys.com